Vocalist/guitarist/drummer/songwriter/producer Myles Joyner is a true original. He has carved such a distinctive style for himself blending the finest elements of hard rock, soul, punk and funk into one big soup bowl. Myles has been a musician since he was 11, starting off on the drums. Being influenced by his stepfather and the funk that he grew up on and the rock music Myles had just discovered. Bands like system of a down, The Foo Fighters, Korn and a bunch of Nu Metal bands influenced his drumming. at the age of 15, Myles joined the Sandalwood high school marching band’s drum line. Myles stuck to it throughout high school even taking music courses like jazz band and symphonic band.

At the age of 19 Myles started paying attention to gospel musicians to get a different outlook on musicianship, then eventually started playing at a couple of churches and even gigging with local cover bands. At the age of 20, Myles started to realized he was interested in playing guitar and began to pick up his mother’s neglected guitar and took guitar lessons for a few months After the lessons,he began to sing along to simple songs and then began to write songs.

While writing, and growing as a guitarist, Myles started taking singing lessons from his stepfather. Myles reached out on craigslist and caught Leigh Thompson’s attention with the intentions of starting a band. Joining the band as a drummer, Myles was convinced by Leigh that he could front the group, singing and playing guitar. The group was named Traded Youth by Leigh. Now Myles feels right at home with Leigh and Andrew taking the stage or hanging out in the studio.