A blanket of rain shrouded Jacksonville's evening sky the day Andrew was adopted as the drummer of Traded Youth.

While making his usual biking rounds as a courier, Myles turned the corner toward the rear of a local restaurant, an oft chosen shortcut of his, but this time he noticed a new obstruction, a teenager (likely around 17-18 judging by the facial hair growing from his chin) taking shelter from the storm in a makeshift hut constructed of pizza boxes, newspaper, and other similar debris. In front of the hut sat four silver mixing bowls, three of which were occupied collecting rainwater, while the fourth lay topside down betwixt his two extended legs, receiving a series of seemingly random and highly frequent taps from the young loner’s index fingers. Impressed with the boy’s Hut-centric ingenuity and intrigued by his collection of cookware, Myles stopped next to the cardboard creation, removed his earbuds, and inquired as to whether the boy was in need of any assistance; focusing intently on his taps the boy said nothing… It was during this brief lapse of dialogue that Myles noticed these were no random taps, this young man was near flawlessly mirroring the rhythm created by rain drops entering his three bowls; each new drop coupled with another tap.

Suddenly, Myles was no longer looking down at a helpless stranger, he saw in front of him a musician, a drummer with the precipitation as his frontman, a marching percussionist with the sky as his drum major. This was no commoner nor homeless beggar, this was the epitome of opportunity for Myles and more importantly the then two-piece band he occupied half of. He knew if this youngling were to be converted from bowl basher to snare smasher, an arduous series of teachings were to follow, regardless, Myles took the hut-cat under his wing as the band’s new rhythmic accompanist, and continues learning the young blood in the ways of punk percussion to this day. With musical influences such as, Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Neil Peart, and mother nature herself, Andrew’s punky, heavy-handed yet dynamic playing style is a perfect fit for the trifecta of talent that is Traded Youth.